Answering all questions and concerns that our new customers have.


Where are your products made?

At Umero we deliver and make sure each product we sell is the best available to maximize our customer's happiness. As of right now, around 75% of our products are made and shipped from China. While the other 25% is a mix between Australia and the United States.

Why does it take multiple weeks to ship my order?

Currently, Umero is a distributor of products from various suppliers. We have made sure to team up with the best and most reliable suppliers available. However, our shipping times are in direct correlation with our suppliers shipping times to our business address. With our American suppliers, it may take only a few days for an order to reach our business and eventually get sent to your home. While with products from Australia it can take a few weeks; which is why our shipping times range from 2-5 weeks. 

What payments do we accept?

We accept credit card and PayPal for payments.